Premium Equiseat Bareback Pads for The Star In Your Barn

OUR MISSION is to produce Superior products for yourself and your horse through Technology, Attention to detail and design, Responsible management of resources, Goalsetting, Active communication, Zealous focus on Integrity, Education and cooperation, and Respect for our customers, our employees, and and the environment.

The Carousel Edition and the Gypsy Edition of the Stargazer Equiseat are handcrafted in Oregon, each piece cut and sewn individually. Every Equiseat is created with pride which shows in the attention to detail and quality workmanship. Please see the descriptions attached to the products for details in design.

The Carousel Edition’s genuine Ultrasuede® quilted top provides technically advanced thermoregulation and a textured grip in addition to being a gorgeous accent to your horse’s natural beauty. It is a marine quality uphostery fabric which is extremely durable and colorfast quilted with our signature pattern onto an open celled fabric which was developed for use cooling large engines in the aeronautic industry.

The Gypsy Edition is identical in pattern with the exception of the top seat fabric ETC® which is a fabric used in the manufacture of athletic shoes, designed to breathe with exceptional durability.

The Carousel Premium Edition’s base of the finest quality of sheepskin available supports pressure relief, thermoregulation and circulation through the natural fiber’s loft. Each side of the Equiseat is created intact from a full hide for structural integrity and minimal seam lines. Your hides are matched as closely as possible for color and consistency of the fleece. We recommend keeping your sheepskin in a temperature and humidity controlled environment and cleaning regularly. A shop vac works well to clean and fluff your dry sheepskin after use. We also recommend brushing with a wire pet brush to maintain it’s appearance and therapeutic function.

Our Gypsy and the Carousel Edition’s Carefree ( our Vegan version ) lovely medical grade polyester faux fleece is hyopoallergenic, antibacterial material created here in the USA i. It’s perfect for the adventurous rider….it is machine washable! Just pull out your foam inserts and wash on gentle cycle, very light on the detergent. Air dry, then vacuum or fluff with a wire pet brush to maintain the fleece’s appearance and therapeutic function.

Rubberlite® viscoelastic foam inserts cradle you in comfort, enhancing balance and posture while providing your spine and your horse’s spine the benefits of impact and pressure relief. You will notice the difference in your ride immediately. This high performance memory foam is open-cell which allows it to breathe, another benefit to your horse as heat is allowed to escape through the fleece and Ultrasuede. These panels are separate to provide spine relief for your horse, and can be removed for cleaning. Vacuum or brush hair off and soak in clean water, allow to air dry to remove sweat if your pads begin to feel stiffer over time. do not use detergent as it will clog open cell construction.

Our girth system supports your horse’s comfort and respiratory function. Our long girth panel and girth strap placement follow the muscle groups beneath them, allowing the elastic girth with stainless steel roller buckles to sit back from the elbow. This provides a snug fit without constricting the fragile ribs or impeding range of motion.

The handles are sewn across the pad for easy access while riding or carrying the Equiseat. Do not hang your Equiseat by the handle.

Made in Oregon of the finest materials available from the USA and NAFTA approved sources. All our products are individually crafted for appearance, function, and durability. All metal parts are solid stainless steel.

All workmanship and material defects guaranteed for 3 years, and we are able to make any repairs for cost to you after that. You can contact us at our primary email address,, and will receive a quick response from Ellen, CEO of Stargazer Equestrian.

Disclaimer: As with all equine activities there is inherent risk of death or injury involved in the use of this product. Buyer assumes all risk upon purchase, holding seller harmless from liability. Seller assumes no responsibility for the use of the product. Use of appropriate caution and safety gear is recommended.